Brood & Tribe LRC Presets


This preset is warm with heavy magenta. Easy adjustments can be made to make it your own. It was developed to work great outdoors especially bright sunny days.


Color Preset "THE adison”


Color Preset “The Emma”

This preset is warmer in the shadows, high grain, low contrast. This preset works well with both indoor and outdoor sessions. Easy adjustments can be made to make it your own.

B/W Presets

This black and white preset is great for any location outdoor and indoor. It is has high contrast, low highlights, high Grain, warmer tones, and is easily adjusted to fit your own personal style.


B/W Preset "THE parker"




“The Brood & Tribe Presets are the best I've ever tried! They really took my work to the next level! They work so well with various different lighting situations. I am so pleased with them and couldn't recommend them more.”

— Julia Duke Photography.


“Brood & Tribe presets worked perfectly with my images! They gave me that punch of color I wanted but also kept the tones neutral which can hard to achieve. I've used them on photos shot in full sun and on cloudy days and they worked great for both. If you've been looking for a preset that can be easily adjusted to your style, this is the one for you!!!"

— Ali Bonomo Photography